Çà et là

Sunrise above the Amazonia.

Soil sampling with an auger.

Some sampling are quicker than others… A few Schoenus individuals can be seen in this abandonned ultramafic soil.

Glasshouse experiment at the Botanical garden of Montréal aiming at understanding the performance of sugar maple with different soil biotic and abiotic treatments while controlling for climatic differences.

Field experiment in an old mining site in New Caledonia aiming at improving the success of ecological restoration using native species and different seed treatments.

Very quick biotic colonization following the recent retreat of the Glacier noir in the Alps.

Striking change from temperate to boreal forest occuring in the Mont Saint-Joseph, Québec.

In the lab… DNA extraction and amplification.

Bioinformatics… here the percentage of reads per samples kept after different steps of “denoising”.

Example of bioinformatic code.

BIOME workshop participants, Laurentides.

Teaching bioinformatics and biostatistics.

Estimation of the effect of time on diversity using Markov chain Monte Carlo method implemented in a Bayesian framework.

Ordination using principal component analysis of the community structure of earthworms in four proglacial plains at two sampling depths.

Constrained ordination of a fungal community by soil chemistry variables using a distance-based redundancy analysis with Bray-Curtis dissimilarities.

Ectomycorrhizal tree proportion across the globe (using publsihed data).

Tree richness at the community scale across the U.S. calculated for ~85,00 plots containing >2 million trees, retrieved from the FIA database (https://apps.fs.usda.gov/fia/datamart/).